Future Parties


Thursday       21st       February

Thursday       7th        March

Thursday        21st     March

Thursday         4th       April

Thursday        18th      April

Thursday        2nd       May

Thursday        16th      May

Thursday        6th        June

Thursday        20th      June






Future Parties

            Friday           3rd June                 2011

            Saturday      18th June                2011

            Friday           1st    July                2011

            Saturday       16th July                2011

            Friday           5th August              2011

            Saturday       20th August            2011

            Friday           2nd September       2011

            Saturday      17th September       2011
            (bi bi baby’s 2nd anniversary and Gary’s 54th birthday)

            Friday          No Friday night party in October 2011 
            (parties too close together, within one week of each other)                                                                            

            Saturday      15th October           2011                 

            Friday           4th November         2011

            Saturday      19th November        2011

            Friday           2nd December        2011

            Saturday      17th December        2011